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On April 28, 2017, Sunoco Logistics merged
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Crude Oil Acquisition & Marketing Crude Oil Acquisition & Marketing
From the wellhead of the lease to the refinery, the crude oil supply chain can be complex. Our Crude Oil Acquisition and Marketing organization purchases crude from producers at the wellhead and at trade locations, and then sells it to a refiner or other purchasers. We strive to keep our purchases and sales balanced, with each purchased barrel matched to a barrel sold, thereby minimizing commodity price exposure.
Crude Trucking Crude Trucking
Our Crude Oil Acquisition and Marketing business gathers, purchases, markets and sells crude oil using approximately 300 crude oil transport trucks and approximately 120 crude oil truck unloading facilities.

Sunoco Logistics' Crude Trucking department is part of Sunoco Logistics' Crude Acquisition business. We currently haul crude oil in Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, and Louisiana to truck stations throughout these regions. Our truck fleet helps aggregate the crude oil purchased from individual leases. Our growing fleet currently consists of over 350 Model 365 Peterbilt tractor/trailer combinations,. Each tractor is combined with a 200 barrel tanker. We currently employ approximately 500+ drivers and are aggressively hiring.
Crude Oil Crude Oil
Our Crude Oil Pipeline System transports crude oil principally in Oklahoma and Texas. The segment consists of approximately 5,900 miles of crude oil trunk and gathering pipelines. This includes our wholly-owned interest in West Texas Gulf and a controlling financial interest in Mid-Valley Pipeline Company.
Natural Gas Liquids Natural Gas Liquids
Natural gas is a hydrocarbon that can be gathered and processed to produce natural gas liquids (NGLs), also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). NGLs are separated from the natural gas stream through a process called fractionation into purity products such as ethane, propane, butane, iso butane, and pentane. These purity products can be used in petrochemical plants, burned for home heating and cooking, and blended into gasoline. Our extensive infrastructure and assets allow us to store, blend, and transport NGLs and LPG to major markets. In addition, our growth projects, Mariner East and Mariner West, will provide a comprehensive takeaway solution for natural gas liquids from the Marcellus Shale.
Nederland Terminal Nederland Terminal
The Sunoco Logistics Nederland Terminal, located on the Sabine-Neches waterway between Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas, is a large marine terminal that provides storage and distribution services for refiners and other large transporters of crude oil. The terminal receives, stores, and distributes crude oil, feedstocks, lubricants, petrochemicals, and bunker oils (used for fueling ships and other marine vessels) and also blends lubricants. The terminal currently has a total storage capacity of approximately 24 million barrels with individual tank capacities of up to 660,000 barrels.

In addition to crude oil activities, the Nederland Terminal also provides approximately 1 million barrels of storage and distribution services for NGLs.
Eagle Point Terminal Eagle Point Terminal
The Sunoco Logistics Eagle Point terminal, located in Westville, NJ on the banks of the Delaware River near Philadelphia, PA, is a 6 million barrel refined product and crude oil terminal including a dock facility, a truck rack, pipeline access, gasoline blending manifold, and rail access. The terminal receives, stores, blends, and distributes: crude oil, ethanol, gasoline, gasoline components, Naphtha, ULSD, heating oil, jet fuel, distillate components, vacuum gas oil, and has the capability to distribute chemicals. The docks match the Delaware River capacity with drafts up to 40 feet and can accommodate vessels as large as a typical Suezmax tanker.
Marcus Hook Industrial Complex Marcus Hook Industrial Complex
The Marcus Hook Industrial Complex, located primarily in Marcus Hook PA, on the banks of the Delaware River, is an LPG and refined products terminal as well as a fully functioning process complex. The terminal has approximately 3 million barrels of NGL storage in underground caverns and related commercial agreements and 1 million barrels of refined products storage capacity. The facility can receive NGL and refined products via marine vessel, pipeline, truck, and rail, and can deliver via marine vessel, pipeline, and truck. In addition to providing storage and terminal services, MHIC currently serves as an off-take for our Mariner East I system.
Terminals Terminals
Our Terminal Facilities consists of 40 active refined products marketing terminals with an aggregate storage capacity of 8 million barrels, which provide storage, terminalling, blending and other ancillary services primarily to our Refined Products Pipelines.
pipelines Pipeline
We operate approximately 8,600 miles of pipeline across the US. Our vast pipeline network transports crude oil, natural gas liquids and refined products. We strive to increase pipeline throughput, utilizing our crude oil distribution and marketing expertise to address regional crude oil supply and demand imbalances, and pursuing organic growth opportunities as well as strategic acquisitions that are synergistic with existing assets.
Refined Products Refined Products
The Sunoco Logistics Refined Products Pipeline System consists of approximately 1,800 miles of refined products pipelines in the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest regions of the United States.

These products are transported to markets in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, and Canada. The refined products transported in these pipelines include multiple grades of gasoline and middle distillates (such as heating oil, diesel, and jet fuel).
Oil Truck
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Join our transportation team and help us safely move crude oil from
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Arnie Rychlicki, Pipeliner

"Excellence to me means it's not just average quality or good quality. It's excellent quality.You're going above and beyond to make something great.The quality in what we do reflects excellence. It's what we always strive for."
Arnie Rychlicki, Pipeliner

Monica Styles, Sr. Manager, Environmental Compliance

"Innovation at Sunoco Logistics is really the flexibility we have to be creative ... to continually find new ways to move things to a better place. We push each other to be creative and develop ideas that solve problems and to run with those solutions."
Monica Styles, Sr. Manager, Environmental Compliance

Hank Alexander, VP Business Development

"I had a customer say to me, 'You're the guys that get it done for us.' That's what they say: 'I have a problem, I'm calling you first, because I know you're not just going to look at your map and tell me you can't get the product there, that the route doesn't exist.You're going to figure it out.' That makes me proud. I'm a part of this organization, and we have solved these problems and will continue to do that. That's how we build our reputation in the industry."
Hank Alexander, VP Business Development

Edgar Thomas, Crude Transportation Area Supervisor

"They want you to call it like you see it. They'll tell you that all the time, 'Be fair and honest.' And I like that.That's what I think about the word integrity.The president of the company will say it, and it rains all the way down to the drivers. And guys take pride in that. Everybody tries to do the best they can to be fair and honest ... that's the way we roll at Sunoco Logistics!"
Edgar Thomas, Crude Transportation Area Supervisor